Forma y levantando de al Ciudad de Mexzco. Pictorial facsimile map of Mexico City published by A. Ruffoni, Firence (Italy) and based on an original map created by Gomez de Trasmonto in 1628

Online Resources from the Library

Online resources are of three types: digital collections, online exhibits, and digitized books.

Digital Collections

The library’s digital presence is limited due in part to the fragility of bound materials (scrapbooks, newspapers, books, diaries), a policy of only digitizing single sheet items (set by the National Archives), and copyright issues.

Digitized materials are organized into three collections as part of New Mexico Digital Collections, which is maintained by the University of New Mexico:

  • Maps Collection (a sample of about 40 historic maps)
  • Graphics Collection (nearly 350 graphics including architectural drawings, lithographs, posters, menus, political cartoons, and illustrations from Harper’s Weekly magazine)
  • Documents Collection (550 documents such as letters, broadsides, sheet music, scrapbooks)

Online Exhibits

Digital Books

  • Lienzo de Tlaxcala. Codex was painted about 1550. This copy dates from 1892. It tells the story of the conquest of Mexico from the perspective of the Tlaxcalans, a longtime enemy of the Aztecs.
  • Sierra CodexThe Codex Sierra (1550­–1564) is a colonial Mesoamerican account book from Santa Catalina Texupa (Oaxaca). The text is written in Nahuatl, with some Mixtec words.
  • Padre Martinez’s Prayer Book


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