Palace Through Time

On long term display

Palace Through Time

Opening April 20, 2024 

New Mexico History Museum, Palace of the Governors, Room 25

Embark on a captivating journey at the "Palace Through Time" exhibit, opening April 20, 2024 at the New Mexico History Museum’s Palace of the Governors.

This thought-provoking exhibition delves into the fascinating evolution of an iconic landmark, exploring its transformations over centuries through four distinct lenses: Structure, Site, Setting, and Symbol. While each viewpoint highlights differences from one period to another, they also reveal common denominators that connect us with the people of earlier times.

The exhibition unveils multiple eras defining this National Historic Landmark. Using 3D-printed models, archaeological evidence, and historical documents, the exhibition provides viewers information to understand why gaps exist in the history of the Palace’s evolution, as well as that of the surrounding area. 

Dating back to 1610, the Palace of the Governors reflects centuries of adaptation. From leaky roofs to evolving governance, it’s witnessed the daily grind, seasonal rhythms, and historic events of Santa Fe. Standing sentinel over the Plaza, the Palace embodies the city’s complex journey – from Spanish rule to Pueblo Revolt, Mexican governance, territorial years, and New Mexico’s statehood. It remains a space that values diverse perspectives and a layered chronicle of the past.

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