About the Museum

View of historic and contemporary buildings from the courtyard. Photo by Hannah Abelbeck

Our Campus

The New Mexico History Museum occupies three distinct buildings: the Palace of the Governors (1610), Fray Angélico Chávez Library (1907), and Pete V. Domenici Building (2009).

The spaces are connected through a large interior lobby and outside courtyard.

Primary access is through the main entrance at 113 Lincoln on the west side of the Domenici Building.

The Palace of the Governors

Erected in 1610 by order of the Spanish Crown, the Palace of the Governors is the oldest public building in continuous use constructed by European settlers in the continental United States.

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Chávez Library Building

This historic library was built in 1907 and became part of the museum campus in the 1990s

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Pete V. Domenici Building

The Domenici Building, opened in 2009, is the modern addition to the NMHM campus.

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