Rare and unofficial 47 star flag made when New Mexico became a state in 1912

The New Mexico History Museum is responsible for more than a million objects, photographs, and documents. Our collections have a special emphasis on items associated with the history of our state.

As a matter of public trust, these collections are rigorously administered, physically secured, and protected from environmental degradation. Conservation of all accessioned items, such as shielding from ultraviolet radiation, pest control, and maintenance of appropriate humidity and temperature levels, is considered on a case by case basis.

Museum exhibitions draw upon the collections extensively. Collections are also available for study, loan, and reproduction—as allowed by their terms of acquisition and applicable policies.

Our collections reflect the generosity of many donors. If you are interested in offering historically significant material for inclusion in our collections, the first step is to contact the appropriate curator. They will work with you to determine if the proposed donation fits with our collecting needs and ambitions.