About the Museum

Vigas in the NMHM courtyard. Photo by Hannah Abelbeck

New Mexico History Museum's Mission and Core Values


The New Mexico History Museum is a statewide educational resource, local landmark, and destination for anyone who wants to understand the diverse experiences of the people of New Mexico, the dynamics that have shaped our state, and the relationships that connect our region with the rest of the world.


The New Mexico History Museum offers a welcoming place for exploration of multifaceted views on history, dialog that bridges social and cultural divides, and reflection on the conditions needed for a more resilient, just, and sustainable future.


Building on more than a century of informative exhibitions, exceptional collections, and an iconic location in the heart of Santa Fe, the New Mexico History Museum is committed to service, community engagement, and rigorous scholarship.

In all aspects of our work we strive to engage, inform, and inspire.

We are guided by the following assumptions about history and the role of the New Mexico History Museum:

  • The study of history ranges from stories of individuals and accounts of community life to tracing patterns of social change and seeking to understand the past through multiple causes and conditions.
  • The telling of history must be honest, accurate, and responsible--acknowledging a commitment to truth, support for the basic tenets of human rights, and awareness of the nature and use of power.
  • New Mexico history is not a single, universally accepted story or an interwoven tale of three cultures, but a tapestry of narratives drawn from the lived experiences of many people at various points in time throughout the entire state.
  • Objects, images, and documents can serve as evidence of past times and an emotional connection between viewers and the past; they are also reflections of the interests, resources, and views of those who collected them.
  • An understanding of the past provides insights into the many ways of being human, the dynamics of change, and the nature of society—all of which can contribute to informed citizenship, a more ethical society, and broader achievement of a greater quality of life.

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