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Making History Program

Visit our Making History Youtube Playlist to find our monthly craft activities!

The Making History program welcomes people of all ages. Activities inspired by New Mexico’s rich history and culture will connect participants with our long tradition of problem-solving, invention, and actually making things. Through shared projects, open-ended explorations, and intergenerational exchange, participants will master practical skills, while developing comfort and competency with new technologies.

Making History venues are located throughout the museum. The largest dedicated space is on the upper level of the Domenici Building. Worktables in the area are set up with tools, supplies, and instructions needed to carry out several history-related projects.

The museum is also creating a Maker Laboratory off the Palace of the Governors courtyard. The laboratory will provide students with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). To stimulate this process the museum has developed a number of maker activities based on objects in the history museum’s collection.

Our monthly Making History activities, which are normally hosted as workshops at the museum on the first Sunday of each month, are currently posted as videos until we can begin gathering at the museum again.  You can these activities on the Making History Youtube playlist.

Interactive projects are available on the Educational Resources page.

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